Growers and Farmers


Farming on its own is a full-time occupation, let alone trying to value add and market your produce. Especially for  small to medium-sized producers.

Are you seeking to promote your produce, way of farming, or growing endeavours?

Increased awareness and the rise of farmers’ markets have created a real opportunity for individual growers and grower groups to promote and connect with their supporters and buyers. Providing real time/life information and updates; on the season, harvests, production, and other important issues – can bridge the gap between what happens on your farm and the people who eat, and buy, it.

Ecologica can help get you set up online, create content for a website, or generate regular on-line communication – blogs/posts/updates/information – for your supporters, followers and customers.

I’m especially interested in promoting sustainable agriculture and biodiversity on farms and properties.

Browse some work, or contact me.

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